News Update: WVS Receives United Way Grant to Expand Need-based Scholarships

In an effort to expand access to pre-school and pre-Kindergarten education for children in the Monadnock region, Monadnock United Way has allocated funding from its 2014-15 Annual Campaign to the Walpole Village School to expand the school’s need-based scholarship program. The funding, which will begin in 2015, will allow the school to offer broader and more comprehensive tuition assistance through a sliding fee scale. The sliding scale is aimed at providing more Monadnock families with the financial support they need at the level they need it.

“We hope this partnership will allow us to better support a range of families in need and ensure that our school is available to those it otherwise may not have been,” said Board of Director President Andrea Vickers-Sivret.

The funding is a first-year collaboration between Monadnock United Way and the Walpole Village School to ensure that all children in the area have access to quality early childhood education. This partnership is based on studies that have proven that quality early childhood education is key in determining success in the later years of education, including the successful social, cognitive and physical development of children.

“In addition to making our preschool programs available to more families, we hope the grant will allow us to better support families looking for full-time pre-k,” said Walpole Village School Director Jody Metcalf. “We are working closely with the Walpole Primary School to provide transportation and ensure communication remains strong between our programs. Our aim is to work together to provide children, and their families, with the support they need.”

The Walpole Village School is located in the town of Walpole, NH and has been an active part of the community since its incorporation in 1974. It offers preschool and pre-kindergarten classes for children ages 2 - 5, as well as early morning care and aftercare for children up to age 12. The school provides transportation from Walpole Primary for before and aftercare, as well as after the morning pre-k program. In any given year, the school serves an average of 25 part-time or full-time students primarily from Walpole, NH but also from neighboring towns in the region.

Families interested in learning more about the Walpole Village School and it’s need-based scholarships should contact school Director Jody Medcalf at 603-756-4246 or visit the school website at 

Monadnock United Way is dedicated to improving lives by mobilizing diverse partners and investing in programs and people to create long-lasting measurable change. For more information about Monadnock United Way visit their website at